Tomasz Knapik, Black Matter

Tomasz Knapik, Pyrolysis

‘Materialising my art through the medium of printmaking requires a thorough investigation of all its capabilities and restrictions. Intaglio and its mirror image factor interferes with ‘seeing’ during creation. My expectations don’t become a reality until the image emerges at the final act of printing. This process requires me to use my intuition and develop connection with this medium, based on my growing understanding. I have limited my practice to subtractive methods of intaglio. Every physical intervention of the plate leaves a permanent mark. The mark is often irreversible therefore the final impression is doomed from its impact’ – Tomasz Knapik

Slow Motion
Printed in 2009
Intaglio, Etching on Aluminium
61w x 46.5h cm

Edition of 7

Black Matter
Printed in 2011
Intaglio, Etching on Aluminium
46.5w x 46.5h cm

Edition of 1

Pyrolysis II
Printed in 2014
Intaglio, Etching on Aluminium
75w x 65h cm

Edition of 10


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