Sylvia’s work explores different aspects of identity, questioning what makes you who you are and how you happen to be where you are now – is it chance or fate, and do you have any say? ‘Candelabra Wood’ is from a series of work which examines and recreates the atmosphere of fairytales, tapping into the powerful psychological workings of these age-old stories. The forest is a place of trial in fairytales where time and time again, children are sent on a journey, or quest, to find secrets and hidden identities – to find themselves. With mysterious secrets and silences, the forest is a place of magic and transition, opportunity and transformation.

Candelabra Wood
Printed in 2014
Etching & Silkscreen Print, Etching ink & Acrylic
37h x 66w cm
Edition of 20
€295 Framed, €240 Unframed

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