Peter Binder, Montbretia No.1

Peter Binder, Sitka grove
Having given his last 30 years to growing organic vegetables, potatoes and apples, Peter Binder has spent a considerable amount of time weeding. Often, while spending all this time on his hands and knees, Binder found himself imagining what’s “down there” The result is a series of works that explore the way the bulbs spread and multiply, peculiar interconnections between plants and drawing from intriguing angles.

Underground No.10
Printed in 2013
Dry point Etching
19.3w x 28.9h cm Unframed, 28.3w x 37.8h cm Framed
Edition of 10

Montbretia No.1
Printed in 2012
Dry point Etching, tinted with Tea
11w x 15.4h cm Unframed , 22.4w x 32.1h cm Framed
Edition of 11

Sitka Grove
Printed in 2013
Dry point Etching
15.8w x 22.8h cm Unframed, 30.6w x 40.4h cm Framed
Edition of 20

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